Exercise Electronic Fences

Allowing your pets to explore their surroundings is essential for their mental and physical well-being. It fulfills their natural curiosity and provides valuable exercise. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between freedom and safety. A shock collar system can be a useful tool in preventing pets from wandering off into potentially dangerous areas, ensuring they stay within safe boundaries while still enjoying outdoor adventures. Additionally, it’s wise to regularly inspect your yard for hidden dangers like carpenter bee nests. Knowing what attracts carpenter bees to your yard, such as untreated wood, can help you identify potential nesting sites and take preventive measures. By creating a secure environment and staying vigilant against hazards like carpenter bee infestations, you can offer your pets the best of both worlds: the freedom to explore safely and the protection they need to enjoy their outdoor escapades without harm.

The dogs had their kennel made of vinyl square tubing domain in the house all set up and things were starting to fall into place. But even when we got off work or were just home in general, it was hard to sometimes muster the motivation to walk the dogs. The next product we got that took a TREMENDOUS load off our plate, was the Wireless Pet Fence, by PetSafe.

dog kennelsYes, it is a shock collar system. No, it is not inhumane. It is very much more humane then keeping your dog pent up with no place to run off any steam or get any exercise. The dogs got an adjustable circular area of 180 feet in diameter, which spanned all around our house, to run around in. We put up little flags around the perimeter and took the dogs with their collars along the edge so they learned their boundaries. From then on, our dogs were able to run at full-speeds, jump, play, and hang out outside without any of our human worry they would abandon us in a moment’s notice. We never left the house when we had this in use, but we definitely didn’t need to supervise them while we were at home, because they simply respected the system. They got great exercise without much work on our part. This is not to say, you shouldn’t still exercise or play with your pets. Of course you should, you just don’t have to feel AS guilty if you happen to miss a day.

Daycare Use

Another thing we have recently done to give our dogs a little more active play time, is we joined a doggie daycare facility. For days when both my husband and I are working long hours, we drop our dogs off at a highly reputable doggie daycare and let them enjoy the socializing! They get to play with other dogs and the staff supervises. The dogs all get interviewed before they’re admitted, and must be deemed safe and good mannered to even be there. And if any “tiffs” break out, the staff is right there to break it up. There are indoor and outdoor grounds, and overnight boarding options available. The best part is they have webcams so you can check in on your dog! Just another great way to ensure a safe, fun, active day for your beloved dog. And if he passes out when you get home, you know he had a good time.