Chew-se Kong & Don’t Go Wrong!

We have pets for various reasons. One reason that stands out, at least among dog owners, is entertainment. Human beings love observing animals, well, be animals! It’s the driving force behind our interest in watching Animal Planet and other nature shows. That said, it’s only fair that we reciprocate some of that entertainment to our four-legged friends. Toys and and pet homes are extremely important to your pets happiness. Finding the toy and best cat cage for sale is now easy because of the internet.

This is why we invest in pet toys.

pet cagesWhat kind of pet toys should you get? Well, in my experience with two hyperactive, chew-crazy Alaskan Huskies, quality is of the utmost importance. My husband and I have run the gamut trying out all sorts of products in hopes the latest buy will keep them occupied and their destructive nerves at bay. We’ve tried stuffed toys, which inevitably results in white tufts and fabric all strewn about the house. Not only is that a chore to clean up, but it’s a choking and gastrointestinal hazard as well. We’ve tried Frisbees, but the hard plastic is bad to digest and the discs lose flight ability after only mild mangling. The dogs loved gnawing on kindling or logs we’d cut for firewood, but even those can cause splinters and bark litters the surrounding area. The search for the perfect dog toy to suit our needs was indeed frustrating!


So, what has been the best solution to our desperate toy deficit problem? One word: Kong. The Kong brand has been a serious lifesaver. Their toys are made with 100% natural rubber, so they’re free of all those other toxic poisons you don’t want your critter ingesting. We have had several Kongs that even my toughest chewing pooch can’t puncture. Most Kongs contain cavities that allow you to put treats or peanut butter inside if you wish, to make play time a rewarding challenge for your furry fella’. Even the stuffed toys are made with such durable material, there isn’t much damage your pet can do to it.

Learn from our trial and error. Don’t waste your money on garbage that isn’t even healthy for your dog in the first place. Go with a Kong, and both you and your dog will be very satisfied. Providing a quality toy option, enables him to do the very thing that is at the core of his animal instincts: to chew with wild abandon. Then you’re able to “oooh” and “ahhh” over how cute and hilarious he is, instead of reprimanding him for eating your leather shoes.